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So you’ve found yourself the owner of a UB Gorilla and you may be thinking, “What do I do now?” Consider this your introduction to how your UB Gorilla is operated.

How to rez your UB Gorilla:
If you are in an area where a specific tag is required to rez, please have that tag activated before you set out your UB Gorilla.
Incase you forgot to wear the proper Land/Grouptag, it may require a reboot of your Avatar to have the Gorilla back in your inventory.

Baby Barrel:
Rez out the UB Gorilla Baby Barrel. Left click it and choose 'Birth' in the drop down Menu.
Wait until your new born Gorilla has received its Stats and Animations.

Live Gorilla:
Once you rez the Gorilla, the point where you rez it is automatically set as it’s 'Home Position'. If you would like your Gorillas Home Position to be a different location, simply right click and edit your Gorilla, move it and then click your Gorilla and you will see a drop down Menu appear. Click 'Settings' then 'Set Home'. This will now make that point the “Home Position” of your UB Gorilla.

The rest of the drop down Menu is just as simple. Let’s start at the beginning explaining each button.

  Click here for the
UB Gorilla Manual