Frequently asked questions

Q: What are UB Monkeys ?
A: The UB Monkeys are animated breedable animals. By mating a male and a female UB Monkey, the female will give birth to a Baby Barrel.

Q: Why do the packs (Beginner, Advanced or Elite) contain a 1 to 3 ration on males to females
A: Because the breeding cicle for a female UB Monkey is 9 days (3 days to gain Passion, 3 days Pregnancy, 3 days Recovery). The male cicle is much shorter, he will gain passion every 3 days. So 1 male stays busy with 3 females without any wait time.

Q: How do i birth a UB Monkey ?
A: Rezz out the Barrel on the land, make sure your Avatar is wearing the right group/land tag. You left click the UB Starter Barrel or the UB Baby Barrel and select 'Birth Me' on the dialog menu. DO NOT OPEN AND COPY CONTENT TO INVENTORY!

Q: What do i have to feed my UB Monkey ?
A: The UB Monkey will need Bananas (for the 'Hunger') as their main food, one bunch of bananas will last one UB Monkey 4 Weeks.
As secondary food, if you going to breed, the UB Monkey will need Pineapples (for the 'Happiness') it also lasts one UB Monkey 4 Weeks.
- Bananas and Pineapples are sold as Server Food, wear your Food Storage HUD to check on your Food.

Q: What are Consumables ?
A: Consumables can be optional fed to your UB Monkey to Boost Age, Passion, Happiness or Pregnancy.

Q: How do i feed my Monkey a Consumable ?
A: Rez out the Consumable you want to feed in the range of your UB Monkey. Left click the Monkey to open the Dialog Menu, select 'Actions' then 'Consumables', choose the Consumable you wish to feed. Your UB Monkey will eat it and the Consumable will vanish.

Q: On what age will the UB Monkeys be full grown ?
A: The UB Monkeys are full grown at age7

Q: On what age do the UB Monkeys gain Passion ?
A: The UB Monkeys start gaining Passion at age 7 (Happiness has to be over 80%)

Q: How does my UB Monkeys gain Happiness ?
A: The UB Monkeys gain Happiness by eating the secondary Food (Pineapples)

Q: How long does it take a UB Monkeys to reach 100% Passion ?
A: 3 Days

Q: How long does the pregnancy of the UB Monkeys take ?
A: 3 Days

Q: How long will the Female UB Monkeys stay in Birth Recovery ?
A: 3 Days

Q: On what age will the UB Monkeys retire (no longer able to breed) ?
A: The Male UB Monkeys will retire at age 120, the Female UB Monkeys will retire after the birth of the 13th Baby Barrel

Q: Do i have to feed the retired UB Monkeys ?
A: No, if your UB Monkeys is retired you do not have to feed them anymore to keep as a pet

Q: My Monkey is set to follow and my Avatar leaves the SIM or Game, what will happen ?
A: Your Monkey will go to his stored Home Position on the SIM

Q: How can my UB Monkey swing or climb?
A: It requires a UB Monkey compatible swing or climb toy, such as the UB Monkey Bar Swing or the UB Monkey Palm Swing (Toys are available at the MainStore)

Q: How do i wear my UB Monkey ?
A: You turn off the Animation and take the UB Monkey into your inventory, right click it and wear The UB Monkey on your Spine

Q: Will my worn UB Monkey eat ?
A: Yes your Unique Breedables will always eat as long as they are rezzed inWorld.

Q: How do i proper rez my Unique Breedable ?
A: Make sure you always wear the proper Landgroup Tag before you rez out any Unique Breedable, Autorez in Landgroup will cause birthing issues !

Q: Why do i only birth Females ?
A: The birthing ratio Male/Female is 30/70 on each birthing process ! That means Males are the rare Gender, have that in mind when pricing your Bredable !

Q: What are Limited Editions?

A: Limited Editions (LE) are released at special times and carry special traits that can only pass from the LE. Like a Starter, your Unique Breedable have a set of hidden traits and a set of shown traits. The difference to a Starter is, that the showing LE Fur can never pass, but you have a chance of passing new special traits to your offsprings.