Frequently asked questions

What are UB Monkeys ?
Why do the packs (Beginner, Advanced or Elite) contain a 1 to 3 ration on males to females
How do i birth a Unique Breedable?
What do i have to feed my Unique Breedable
What are Consumables ?
How do i feed my Unique Breedable a Consumable ?
On what age will the UB Monkeys be full grown ?
On what age do the UB Monkeys gain Passion ?
How does my UB Monkeys gain Happiness ?
How long does it take a UB Monkeys to reach 100% Passion ?
How long does the pregnancy of the UB Monkeys take ?
How long will the Female UB Monkeys stay in Birth Recovery ?
On what age will the UB Monkeys retire (no longer be able to breed) ?
Do i have to feed Pet UB Monkeys ?
My Monkey is set to follow and my Avatar leaves the SIM or Game, what will happen ?
How can my UB Monkey swing or climb?
How do i wear my UB Monkey ?
Will my worn UB Monkey eat ?
How do i proper rez my Unique Breedable ?
Why do i only birth Females ?
What are Limited Editions?
How much is my Unique Breedable worth?