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Special Edition

July 14 2020

3..... 2..... 1..... A new 'ONE OF A KIND' Raffle is started!

Come join and have the Chance to win a
'ONE OF A KIND' UB Chimpanzee.

The Rules for the Raffle are listed below.

The UB Butterfly 2020 Special Edition Chimpanzee is
just like our Limited Editions, just Unique.
Regardless how long the Raffle takes,
the Winner will receive the Chimpanzee with age 0.

Traits that can pass ONLY from this Chimpanzee:
- New Eyes (Butterfly 2020 SE)
- New Aura (Butterfly 2020 SE)
- New Birthmark (Butterfly 2020 SE)
- 3 New Furs (Monarch Brown, Monarch Green, Monarch Blue)

The UB Butterfly 2020 Special Edition Chimpanzee is
on Display at the Raffle Board on the
MainSim, next to the Limited Edition Vendors.


Raffle Rules

- The Raffle needs a minimum of 100 Entries.
- After 100 Entries a 24 Hour Timer will start.
- Ticketprice per entry is shown on the Raffle Board.
- Once the Timer is on 0 Hours 0 Minutes 0 Seconds the Board will automatically draw a winner out of all the participants.
- Tickets can be purchased until the Time runs out.
- The Winners SL Name will be displayed on the Board immediatly.
- Multiple entries can increase your Chances winning the Raffle!

UB Capuchins

July 6 2020

We have released new UB Capuchin Furs.

Remember, new Furs can only come from new Starters.
If you birth a new Starter you get one of the new 'Basic Furs'.
The 'Advanced Furs' you can only get by Breeding with the new Starters.

The new UB Capuchin Starters are now available at any UB Store!

Basic Bloom   Basic Dragon   Basic Leaf
Basic Lizard   Basic Stormy   Basic Woody
Bloom Summer   Bloom Fuchsia   Bloom Garnet
Dragon Olive   Dargon Croco   Dragon Black
Leaf Lush   Leaf Cardinal   Leaf Autumn
Leaf Ice   Lizard Petrol   Lizard Berry
Lizard Grey   Lizard Blue   Stormy Royal
Stormy Silver   Stormy Purple   Stormy Rainbow
Woody Cherry   Woody Birch   Woody Mahogany
Water Elemental        

UB Gorillas

July 6 2020

We have released the new Hellfire 2020 Gorilla.

The Hellfire 2020 Gorilla you can only get from our Heaven Vendor with Heaven Tokens.

New Traits that can pass:
- 2 new Furs
- New Eyes
- New Birthmark