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UB Gorilla

NOV.20 2022
UB Gorilla UPDATE 4.0
The new 4.0 Update for the UB Gorillas is released!

Changes we made:
- NEW: Barrel Textures
- NEW: Roam and sit animations
- NEW: Gender Display on Baby Barrels
- NEW: Display ID number in chat on rez
- NEW: Hovertext colors (Males: White, Females: Pink)
- NEW: Accessory Trait added
- NEW: 2 Accessories ( UB Black Cap, Fine Cuban)
- NEW: Size 'Large' adjusted
- NEW: Size 'Tiny' added
- NEW: Owner Menu revised
- NEW: Set Range - Range is now displayed
- NEW: Landimpact before: 16, after: 17

- BUGFIX: Barrels use Zipline
- BUGFIX: Gorilll pushed into the ground while using toys
- BUGFIX: Sick Textures on Pets

The new 4.0 Updater is available at any UB Store.
UB Barrels can NOT be Updated!
Remember, the new Traits you can only receive from new starters!!


Feb. 07. 2022
Unfortunately, from time to time barrels or live breedables go missing for a variety of reasons. Since I am not able to replace the lost UB items without the necessary information (name or ID number), it makes sense to keep a kind of list.
To keep track of your Unique Breedables, one way is to archive all of your UB Chimpanzees, UB Gorillas and UB Capuchins' ID numbers in a list.
On the links below you can download a free MS Office Excel or OpenOffice Calc template.

Download Excel File HERE
Download OpenOffice File HERE


Feb. 01. 2022
Although we have said it many times before, we would like to expressly point out that ALL old UB Gorillas v2.5 can ONLY receive an update from UB STAFF.


Any UB Gorilla v2.5 that is destroyed by applying the v3.0 updater, we will no longer replace.

Hello UB Breeders,
we have installed a new
UB Support-Ticket-System.
From now on, only support requests will be processed that are submitted through the UB Support-Ticket-System.
Please refrain from sending support inquiries via IM in Second-Life, as these usually get capped.
Thank you for your understanding.