Pricing my Breedable

A question we have been asked very frequently: What is my Unique Breedable worth?
To answer this question requires some research. Of course, the demand in the market determines the price, as in the real economy is not a good price to achieve without a need.
We have now decided to give you a little guide, to help new breeders to offer their Unique Breedables at a realistic price.

How is the price generated?

First of all, the Number of Traits.
The higher the number of traits the more I can ask for it.

Which Fur is my Unique Breedable showing?
How old or new, common, rare, super rare, ultra rare, LE or SE offspring is the fur.

Which Eyes are looking at me?
How old or new, common, rare, super rare, ultra rare, LE or SE offspring are the eyes.

Does my Unique Breedable have a Physique?
If so, how rare is this.

Does my Unique Breedable have a Birthmark?
If so, how old or new and how rare is it?

Depending on which Breed it is, various other unique traits are possible.
Such as Ears, Size, Rideable, Silverback (Gorillas), Speed (Chimpanzees) or Coat, Face, Tail, Personality, Gleam, Gloss (Capuchins).
These should also be included in pricing, as long as they are visible on your Unique Breedable.

It should be common sense, that NEW and RARE is worth alot more than OLD and COMMON.

We have a Breeders Agreement to not sell anything below a Base Price.
The base price is 1000.-L $ + Fur + Eyes + ect.
Have in mind that we have a Male/Female ratio (1:3), this means that a Male is always worth more than a comparable Female.

This will give you a price, that will not cause displeasure with other breeders and YOU will be able to pay your expenses like rent, food, toys ect.

In the past we had a few discussions about and with Breeders that decide to sell below the Base Price.
We will not tolerate advertising in our Monkey Market Group from Breeders that sell for less and reserve the right to take these People out of the Group.
You should have in mind, that this is to protect YOUR investment.