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June 2019

Your opinion is important to us. So that we can publish your contributions in the guest book, you must hold however please the following rules:

- The tone in the guest book should always be polite and characterized by mutual respect.
- Insults, and foul language are not tolerated in the guest book. Keep in mind that even younger children visit this page.
- Posts that contain advertising are spam. Please no links to other websites! They are going to be deleted.
- Of course you can greet each other. But private "conversations" are not welcome in the guestbook.
- If we decide against publishing your entry, we will not automatically notify you.
The content is the sole responsibility of the publisher. The Administrator reserves the right to exclude information from the publication, which cause public scandal, denigrate third parties or violate applicable law.
Posts that do not comply with the rules will be deleted immediately.

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